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Baldassarre Galuppi - L'Olimpiade - World Premiere (DVD NTSC)

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Цена:  $39.99 
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Студия: Dynamic
DVD Регион: ALL
2 DVD Set
Дата выпуска DVD: 2009
Продолжительность фильма: 210 mins
Звуковой формат: Dolby Digital 5.1, LPCM Stereo
Языки: Italian
Субтитры: French, Spanish, Italian, English, German
Формат: 16:9, Color
Жанры: Оперы/Оперетты

This production was recorded at the Teatro Malibran of La Fenice in Venice in celebration of the 3rd centenary of Galuppi's birth. This is the first performance in modern times, and a World Premiere recording on DVD. The Orchestra Barocca di Venezia, conducted by baroque expert Andrea Marcon plays on original instruments from the 18th century. Olimpiade, was written for the opening of the carnival season of Milan's Teatro Ducale on December 26, 1747. The only available score was kept in Milan, but it was not complete; maybe this explains why the opera was not staged again, even though it was a huge success. Conductor Andrea Marcon, together with musicologist Claire Genewein had to look for the score's missing parts and finally found the symphony of the opening was in Regensburg's library, and the final part in London.

Бальдассаре Галуппи
Ромина Бассо, Franziska Gottwald, Mark Tucker, Furio Zanasi, Ruth Rosique, Filippo Adami, Roberta Invernizzi
Andrea Marcon
Venice Baroque Orchestra