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Heart & Virtuosity. International Violin Competition Premio Paganini (DVD NTSC)

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Студия: Dynamic
DVD Регион: ALL

Дата выпуска на большой экран: 2006
Дата выпуска DVD: 2007
Продолжительность фильма: 105 min.
Звуковой формат: LPCM Stereo
Языки: Italian
Субтитры: French, Spanish, Italian, English, German
Формат: Widescreen, 16:9, Color
Жанры: Музыка

The International Violin Competition ”Premio Paganini” was founded in 1954 with the goal of creating a violin competition with
an international scope that would bring great prestige to the City of Genoa as well as provide a venue for discovering new,
young talents.
The Paganini Competition has quickly established itself as one of the most important violin competitions in the world. Since its
foundation the ”Premio Paganini” has been awarded to famous artists such as, Gyorgy Pauk, Gérard Poulet, Salvatore Accardo,
Gidon Kremer, Ilya Grubert and, recently, Massimo Quarta, Giovanni Angeleri, Leonidas Kavakos, Ilya Gringolts and Sayaka
Shoji, and it has acted as an effective springboard for their future artistic careers. This documentary follows the competition
from the arrival of the competitors and jury, to the proclamation of the winner and his concert played on Paganini’s violin. We
see what happens behind the scenes, witness the emotions of the young violinists and hear the advice given to them by members
of the jury such as Gyorgy Pauk and Massimo Quarta, who won the competition in 1956 and 1991 respectively.

Феликс Айо, Massimo Quarta, Рудольф Баршай, Кейдзи Кобаяси