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Great Russian Writers: Boris Pasternak (DVD NTSC)

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Цена:  $21.99 
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Студия: KULTUR
DVD Регион: ALL

Дата выпуска DVD: 2007
Продолжительность фильма: 30 min.
Звуковой формат: Dolby Digital 2.0
Языки: English
Субтитры: No Subtitles
Формат: 4:3, Full Screen, Black & White, Color
Жанры: Биографии


Boris Pasternak, Soviet poet and Nobel Prize winning author was one of the foremost literary figures in the USSR. Pasternak was born on February 10, 1890 in Moscow. He studied music during his youth, but later returned to writing poetry. His collections of poems, Over Barriers (1916), My Sister Life (1922), and Second Birth (1932) established Pasternak as the leading Soviet poet. Pasternak's only novel, Doctor Zhivago (1956) won international acclaim when it first appeared in the West in 1957 and was translated into 18 languages, then won the 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature