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The Great Composers - Ludwig van Beethoven (DVD + 2 CD) (DVD NTSC)

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Студия: Brilliant Classics
DVD Регион: ALL

Дата выпуска DVD: 2005
Продолжительность фильма: 52:50
Звуковой формат: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS
Языки: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Формат: 16:9, Color, Letterbox

This documentary-DVD explores different facets of the composer who stunned the world with his revolutionary masterworks,
both powerful and intimate, the expression of human emotion through highly personal musical creations: Ludwig van Beethoven.
A succession of poetic tableaux unfolds on several romantic themes freely inspired by the composer’s life.
Against the backdrop of the Napoleontic Wars and the Viennese aristocracy, actors,
dancers and musicians enact a fantastic fresco celebrating the creative and musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven.

String Quartet No.10 in E flat major, Op 74
Movement I - 10’08
Movement II - 10’47
Movement III - 5’20
Movement IV - 7’14

Total time: 52’53

CD 1

SYMPHONY No. 5 in C minor Op. 67

1. Allegro con brio 8:05
2. Andante con moto 11:21
3. Allegro 8:53
4. Allegro-presto 8:52
5. MONDSCHEIN SONATA in C sharp minor Op. 27/2: Adagio 5:34
6. FRÜHLINGS SONATA in F major Op. 24 for violin & piano: Allegro 10:07
7. OVERTURE EGMONT Op. 84 8:22
8. FÜR ELISE 2:46
9. ROMANCE for violin & orchestra in F major Op. 50 9:09

Total: 73:14

Staatskapelle Dresden, Herbert Blomstedt (1-4)
Misha Goldstein, piano (5,8)
Emmy Verhey, violin
Carlos Moerdijk, piano (6)
Berliner Symphoniker, Peter Wohlert (7)
Emmy Verhey, violin
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Hans Vonk (9)

CD 2

1. PIANO CONCERTO No. 5 in E flat major Op. 73 “Emperor”: Allegro 20:13
2. VIOLIN CONCERTO in D major Op. 61: Larghetto 9:49
3. MASS in C major Op. 86: Gloria 7:55
4. SONATA PATHETIQUE in C minor Op. 13: Adagio 4:42
6. ROMANCE for violin and orchestra in G major Op. 40 7:38
7. SYMPHONY No. 6 “PASTORAL’ in F major Op. 68: Szene am Bach 12:40
8. VIOLIN SONATA in G major Op. 30/3: Allegro assai 6:47

Total: 78:34

Shoko Sugitani, piano
Berliner Symphoniker, Gerard Oskamp (1)
Emmy Verhey, violin
Utrecht Symphony Orchestra, Hans Vonk (2,6)
Slovak Philharmonic Choir & Orchestra, Anton Nanut (3)
Misha Goldstein, piano (4)
Berliner Symphoniker, Peter Wohlert (5)
Staatskapelle Dresden, Herbert Blomstedt (7)
Emmy Verhey, violin
Carlos Moerdijk, piano (8)

Claudel String
Hans Vonk
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra