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Ruslan and Ludmila - New Opera Theatre (CD)

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Label: Russian Compact Disc

Год выпуска: 1994

Михаил Глинка

Ruslan and Ludmila
Fantasia on Glinka"s opera and A. Pushkin"s poem

1. Overture - excerpt 00:02:00
2. Introduction. Bayan"s Song "Affairs of days that passed away" 00:01:09
3. Ludmila"s cavatina "I am sad, my dear father!" 00:08:50
4. Chorus "Glory to our bright Prince!" 00:01:52
5. Finn"s scene and ballade 00:09:40
6. Scene of Rusland and the Head. The Head"s Tale 00:04:35
7. Scene in Naina"s castle. Persian chorus "The darkness of night is falling to the field" 00:06:55
8. Ludmila"s scene and aria "Oh, my poor fate" 00:08:50
9. Chorus "The unexpected new-comer will die!" 00:01:40
10. Scene from picture 4 - Rusland, Gorislava, Ratmir, Finn 00:07:15
11. Finale of the opera - Rusland, Ludmila, Svetozar, Farlaf, Ratmir, Gorislava 00:10:46
12. Epilogue. Bayan"s Song "There to a desert country" 00:03:47
13. Overture - excerpt 00:02:09

Svetozar, Great Prince of Kiev - A. Kichigin
Ludmila, his daughter - O. Kondina
Ruslan, knight of Kiev, Ludmila"s betrothed - M. Mintsaev
Ratmir, Khazar Prince - E. Svechnikova
Farlaf, Viking knight - A. Korotky
Gorislava, Naina"s capture - People"s Artist of Russia Yu. Abakumovskaya
Finn, kind magician - M. Gareyev
Naina, wicked witch - Merited Artist of Russia E. Sarkisyan
Bayan, bard - M. Gareyev
Violin solo - Merited Artist of Russia Yu. Chernyavsky
Chorus and Orchestra of the Theatre
Chief conductor and artistic director - Evgeni Kolobov
Chorus Masters - Natalia Popovich, Sergei Lysenko

Total playing time: 69.28

RCD, 1994. RCD 22001