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Feodor Chaliapin on Stage (CD)

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Label: Austro Mechana Historic Recordings

Год выпуска: 1998

Арриго Бойто, Николай Римский-Корсаков, Шарль Гуно, Модест Мусоргский
Федор Шаляпин

BOITO - Mefistofele
Ave Signor
Son lo spirito che nega

GOUNOD - Faust
Mais ce Dieu, que peut-il pour moi! with JOSEPH HISLOP
Allons, amis... Le veau d"or with FRANKLYN KELSEY
Nous nous retrouverons, mes amis with JOSEPH HISLOP, JANE LAUGIER
Il etait temps
Qu" attendez-vous encore... Vous qui faites l"endormie with JOSEPH HISLOP

MUSSORGSKY - Boris Godunov
And you, my son (Monologue) with MARGHERITA CAROSIO
Ouf! I suffocate! (Clock scene)
It"s a pity Shuisky is not here with ANGELO BADA
Leave us alone (Farewell and death of Boris) with MARGHERITA CAROSIO

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Mozart and Salieri
They all say; there is no truth on Earth
Like a certain cherub, he has brought us some heavenly songs
You will sleep for a long time, Mozart!

Recorded in 1926-1928

Austro Mechana Historic Recordings, 1998. MONO 89965