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Feodor Chaliapin Song Book (2 CDs) (2 CD Set) (CD)

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Label: Austro Mechana Historic Recordings

Год выпуска: 1992

Федор Шаляпин

In questa tomba oscura
Der Tod und das Madchen
Der Doppelganger
Die beiden Grenadiere
The midnight review
The prophet
When the king went to war
Trepak from "Songs and dances of death"
The old corporal
Le Cor
Song of the flea
The blind ploughman
O could I in song tell my sorrow
The turbulent waters of Kur
Song of the Volga boatmen
Black eyes
Down the Petersky

Total time 65:22

Farewell to thee
She laughed
The prisoner
Stenka Razin
Now let us depart in peace
Open the gates of repentance
Glory to Thee, o God
The creed
Down the Volga
Legend of the Twelve Brigands
Song of the needy pilgrim
Arise, red sun
Four chansons from the film "Don Quichotte"

Total time 74:56

Recorded in 1926-1933

Austro Mechana Historic Recordings, 1992. MONO 89207 2 CD